The 5 Best Cheap Gaming PC Under $300 Dollars – Definitely Consider

Choosing the right budget gaming pc can completely change the gaming experience it’s not about choosing a pc that’s affordable you have to pick the right one that can handle your needs. Well in this article we break down the top 5 best cheap gaming PC under $300 Dollars on the market this year based on performance and situations.

They’ll be used in so whether you’re looking for something affordable for basic games like the sims or looking for the best of the best without needing to spend thousands of dollars to get there we’ll have the perfect option for you so if you’re interested in finding out which gaming PC will be best for you.

The best PC for under $300 Dollars ever heard someone saying Bro getting a gaming PC is too expensive that’s wrong to some extent but not completely, of course, the high-end gaming PC is expensive as hell but there is no doubt that you can get the best cheap gaming PC under $300 and I’m about to introduce a whole list of them in just a little bit.

However, you have to compromise a little on the hardware on top of that you can update the PC later on when the time is right usually for entry-level gaming the cost ranges from 300 to 600 in includes the best possible motherboard graphics card GPU processor CPU storage hard drive and memory ram for that price range.

When you’re buying a PC for under $300 or so you need to make sure your graphic card is decent and you have enough ram to play the games you like to stay with us until the end because you don’t want to miss our number one pick as we count down the five best cheap gaming PC s for under $300 dollars.

The 5 Best Cheap Gaming PC Under $300 Dollars – You Can Buy Right Now

1. Alarco Gaming PC for Gaming

The Alarco Gaming PC is our pick for the best gaming pc under $500 dollars, the Alarco Gaming PC desktop computer combines the flash of gamer aesthetics with solid functionality that makes it decent at handling popular games like Minecraft Fortnite cs go, and more while still coming in at under $500 dollars.


If you’re limited to cheap gaming or relatively new to gaming the Alarco Gaming PC good place to get started while it doesn’t have the gaming performance of the hp pavilion or hp omen 25L will talk about later in this article it has plenty enough power for basic gaming aesthetics there’s no doubt that this is a gaming PC.

It has three RGB fans and LED interior lighting that highlights the interior components through the side glass panel taking a closer look at these components you’ll find an Intel i5 processor an Nvidia GTX-650 one gigabyte graphics card with DVI HDMI and Vga output 8 gigabytes of ram s one terabyte mechanical hard drive.

The graphics card isn’t high on the performance scale but you’ll still be able to play most modern games on medium to low settings when you consider the cost of the entire system. It’s pretty easy to accept older or more optimized titles like Fortnite and GTA 5 will run well at 1080P with a 30 FPS average on a more positive note the graphics card is discrete so you can easily upgrade the card at any time.

If you’re looking for a super cheap budget option in a pre-built gaming desktop or are completely new to gaming and need a good place to get started the Alarco Gaming PC is a solid choice for you.

2. HP Pavilion Gaming PC for Gaming

HP Pavilion Gaming PC desktop is our pick for the best compact cheap gaming pc. If you’re looking for a compact gaming PC that won’t break the bank the HP Pavilion Gaming PC is a great option that should be able to handle most of the games you want to play.


Hp has gone with a more compact case design for the pavilion gaming PC, it isn’t extravagant or showy the front panel is accented with some green lighting and is slightly raised in the center with a ridged v-shaped pattern while the sides are simply black metal you’ll have to complete the package with the own monitor but a hp keyboard and mouse are included in the box it also comes pre-loaded with Windows 11.

To access the interior you can pop the left panel off with a single screw and there is a Kensington lock slot if you need to secure it for any season Taking s look at the interior hardware the HP Pavilion Gaming PC gives you the choice of configuring it with either an AMD Ryzen 5 or 7 processor a discrete Nvidia Geforce graphics card in the four or six-gigabyte GTX-1650 supermodel or the 8 gigabyte RTX-2060 supermodel.

The 1650 Super is great for gaming at 1080 P while the more powerful Super 2060 ups the resolution to a maximum of 2160p finally you can equip the pavilion with up to 32 gigabytes of ram and an SSD that ranges in size from 256 gigabytes all the way up to one terabyte.

You’re going to get pretty good performance with either the Ryzen 5 or 7 the Ryzen 5 has serious multi-threading capabilities while the Ryzen 7 offers a mix of highs end multi-threaded computational choices and decent gaming performance. Your choice between the two graphics cards will dictate the resolution frame rate and more.

The HP Pavilion Gaming PC offers everything you’re looking for in a compact gaming pc and its configuration options make it a good choice for you.

3. HP Omen 25L Gaming PC for Gaming

The HP Omen 25L is our pick for the best overall cheap gaming PC the hp omen 25L is one of the best overall PC on the market and it leaves behind the more edgy gamer appearance for something a little cleaner and more refined. it’s powerful and leaves plenty of room for expansion making it features proof the tower case is black with a brushed metal front panel and features a tempered glass side panel that allows access to the interior without the need for tools to power the lights and


internal components a 750-watt power supply is built into the chassis a good number of posts are available as well as an sd slot for gaming power the HP Omen 25L users an Intel i7 processor an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 super with six gigabytes of onboard memory eight gigabytes of ram and for internal storage the Omen 25L a 512 gigabyte SSD for great audio while you’re gaming connect your surround sound speakers or plug your headset into the DTS headphone x jack for an audio experience with more nuanced immersive sound quality that will make your gaming experience more exciting.

When it comes to performance the HP Omen 25L brings, it this is a powerful gaming PC that can run most games without breaking a sweat thanks to the installed CPU graphics card and RAM giving you your money’s worth and is more than you’ll need to handle most processor hungry games for the foreseeable future and for even more convenience the HP Omen 25L comes with HP black wired keyboard with volume control and a wired optical mouse so all you need to do is add a monitor.

If you’re looking for a gaming desktop that will give you great performance right out of the box the hp omen 25L makes a great choice for you this gaming PC is also upgradeable so at any point in the future you can swap out components to better match your needs.

4. Skytech Archangel Gaming PC for Gaming

The Skytech Archangel 3.0 is a cheap Gaming PC mid tower gaming pc that packs fluid 1080P performance in a sleek-looking case with some nice high-end touches. The gamers Skytech Archangel Gaming PC is alive and well with the archangel but it doesn’t go over the top keeping the look tasteful, the archangel has a metallic chassis that is very sturdy.


The internal structure and most of the exterior panels are made of steel while the front and left panels are tempered glass that shows the interior components illumination by a trio of RGB-lit fans for computing muscle the Skytech Archangel Gaming PC comes equipped with an AMD Ryzen 5 processor an Nvidia GeForce GTX-1660 graphics card 8 gigabyte of ram and a 500 gigabyte SSD for connecting up your peripherals.

There are plenty of ports and a keyboard and mouse are also included additional ports are available on the GTX-1660 graphics card giving you one HDMI and three display port video out connectors in case you want to create a multi-monitor setup. If a compatible gaming pc with the added capabilities of DTS-X surrounding audio sounds appealing check out the hp omen 25 coming up later.

Playing Call of Duty is a breeze at 1080 in fact st 1080P this PC is capable of reaching more than 70 FPS on the shadow of the tomb raider and in star wars battlefront 2 should be able to hit an average of 73 FPS and when you’re taking a break from gaming the installed 1660 GPU also makes it a good choice for live streaming and is optimized for open broadcaster software even though.

The Skytech Archangel Gaming PC offers both good performance and a nice gamer aesthetic that work together to make it a great choice for you. It’s upgradeable very capable and the gamer touches make it look premium.

5. Ibuypower Trace 4 MR Gaming PC for Gaming

The Ibuypower Trace 4 MR Gaming PC is a great cheap gaming pc for the money that looks and feels great it offers good performance and configuration options right from the get-go like the Skytech Archangel the case features tempered glass panels and is kept cool using three 120 millimeters RGB lit intake fans that are outfitted with filters pre-built pcs often have a slap together cookie cutter appearance but the trace Ibuypower Trace 4 MR Gaming PC seems to be well managed the rear of the motherboard tray gives you easy access to the intake fan filter and to the mounting location the SSD.


This is ideal for anyone who wants to upgrade down the road running games like GTA 5 Fortnite APEX legends rainbow six sieges and Dota 2 in 1080P delivers smooth gameplay but the Ibuypower Trace 4 MR Gaming PC can also handle more demanding titles.

If you back the settings off to medium driving performance are some solid hardware components the base model offers a Ryzen 5 processor but you have the option to configure this pc with an Intel i3 i3 or i7 processor as well for graphics cards.

The base comes with a radon RX-5500 XTbut again you can opt for other AMD Radeon cards as well as several different Nvidia Geforce GT GTX and RTX options system memory consists of 8 or 16 gigabytes of RAM and for file storage, you could choose between a 240 gigabyte 480 gigabyte or one terabyte SSD.

If you ever want to add an additional drive their room to add another 2.5-inch drive and there is an open NVME slot if you want to go that route too the Ibuypower Trace 4 MR Gaming PC is a very good cheap gaming pc and is a great choice for 1080P gaming you also get the opportunity to tailor the components to suit your budget and activity when you buy.


In this article, we have told you about some of the 5 best cheap gaming PC under $300 Dollars, according to our team testing, these are the 5 best cheap gaming PC under $300 Dollars in the market today. We hope that you have liked the information related to the cheap gaming PC given by us, and you have understood well all the best cheap gaming PC under $300 Dollars mentioned here, and the information given here has been useful for you.

If you want to buy any brand of Gaming PC from the 5 best cheap gaming PC under the $300 Dollars mentioned here, then buy it, all these gaming PC are valued for money in today’s time. If you want more information related to gaming & gaming headsets or more, then definitely search by visiting the home page of our website.


Can I upgrade the RAM and storage of these gaming PCs in the future?

Yes, all of the gaming PCs mentioned in this article allow for RAM and storage upgrades, ensuring future scalability.

Are these gaming PCs suitable for playing the latest AAA games?

While these budget-friendly options can handle less demanding games, they might struggle with the latest AAA titles. However, they can still provide a decent gaming experience with optimized settings.

Do these gaming PCs come with pre-installed operating systems?

Yes, all the gaming PCs mentioned in this article come with pre-installed operating systems, usually Windows 10.